Teaching Methodology

Schools in the North American German Schools Abroad Network are located in or adjacent to major metropolitan cities, which provides access to high-quality faculty. We have 200+ teachers across our schools, with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Many of our teachers are sent by the German Government for a period of 3 to 6 years to ensure students are on par with their European peers and to maintain a high level of quality with regards to the German curriculum. We also hire highly-qualified local teachers, with the vast majority coming from Germany and having settled throughout North America. Nearly all our teachers hold advanced teaching certificates.

Our faculty inspire and challenge students to think creatively and critically with an engaging approach to learning across subjects that opens young minds to the complex connections that shape our world. We offer innovative teaching approaches that place the needs and interests of students at the center. We believe in the importance of continuity and a strong bond between student and teacher for optimal learning success. Because of our small class size and tight-knit communities, students get to know teachers in the classroom and through other extracurricular activities.