German Approach to Learning

In Germany, educational curricula are set at the state-level, similar to the US and Canada. The German Schools Abroad in North America follow the German curriculum from the state of Thuringa, known for its high educational standards.

German Education Traits

The German educational model places emphasis on developing independence in children, encourages critical thinking, supports children taking ownership for their learning process, and stresses the development of creative problem-solving skills.

Developing a Cohort

Another unique feature of German Schools is that students tend to stay in the same groups as they move through grades. A group of students in a class will likely be together in the following years. This creates a community much like one experiences as an adult - and requires learning how to support and encourage each other, how to deal with differences between individuals, and establishes a strong bond that carries through the years at school and beyond. This creates a global network of well-connected alumni. Classes are balanced with regards to language, social behavior, achievement, and gender. As we often have a more transient community than a typical US or Canadian school, we aim to balance the classrooms as students come and go.